A Slice of Fear

Suspense can grip the mind while fear penetrates to the very soul. Join me for a journey to the edge of fear and perhaps beyond. A writer is writing and finds his words may have a very special meaning. A man visits a bookstore only to find that he has been there before. A woman starts a new job in a building that is very special once a year on Halloween. A young woman finds a special puzzle box at a thrift store and inside is something that changes her life forever. A man has a conversation with the ultimate entity, death itself. 15 stories with 15 very different characters and outcomes. Whether it is vengeance with a special twist or the macabre peeking in on someone's life A Slice of Fear will open up your mind to possibilities and maybe find that special place that gives you a little shiver.

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Pencraft Press



ISBN: -10


ISBN: -13





United States


6 x 9 Inches



Readers Feedback

"Steeped in suspense and horror, A Slice of Fear is a captivating collection of stories that will have you biting your nails throughout the pages. Author Andrew Allen Smith weaves an enthralling collection, with each tale having a different flavor and twist, but all of them provide a plethora of thrills to satiate your appetite for suspense and horror. Smith doesn't waste a single word, and as a reader, you find yourself instantly immersed from the get-go while having the rug constantly pulled out from under your feet at the climax. Although I enjoyed every single story, 'Down the Drain' and 'The Edge' were my personal favorites of the bunch. Recommended to short story lovers."

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