I read this book in February of this year. It was a fast read, and it meant a great deal. It was good as a fun adventure thriller, but the promise of more was even better. That is an extensive series of words, “the promise of more.”

Tonight I was informed that Author Kate McNeil passed away. The “promise of more” is no more. There are good books in this series, but there is a lesson for us all. Kate held on to life each day, and with each day, she made an impact. To those that knew her she made an impact on us all, our lives, our reading, and directly or indirectly who we are.

I had the opportunity to share hours upon hours with Kate during Covid. She was one of several authors who volunteered their time, abilities, and insight into a worthy cause doing a series of virtual book events. Kate’s kind insight was more than powerful, and Kate’s slightly wicked side made you smile. She had an eye for irony and sarcasm that would make you smile and laugh.

During the event, a fantastic young man named Kristoffer made a friendly bet where we could all write something that scared Kate. Spiders, sharks, the ocean, and more were on the list. We all contributed, and as always, Kate was a good sport. We laughed almost until we cried.

Now, only a few years later, we will cry at her passing today, a woman far too young to leave us, with far too much left to give. I am happy for her life but saddened by her leaving, and as I sit here, I can only think that she is now writing for us all. I know she will give us a better ending as that is who she is, and for that, we can perhaps smile.

Thank you Kate, for your fun books. Thank you Kate, for your friendship. Thank you for being you to everyone and anyone. I hope you find puppies at the bridge to all that is, and I hope you find the peace you deserve.

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