I received this letter today and enjoyed the review. I hope you will as well.

Another Slice of Fear by Andrew Allen Smith is a collection of compelling and thrilling short stories that share a common theme, fear. The author provides 14 chilling short stories that will shock you but also leave you wanting more. Each short story has a different character and a different plot which is a refreshing approach.

Author Andrew Smith has creatively written short stories that immediately immerse the reader into the story and end abruptly. However, even though the stories end abruptly, the reader is left satisfied because the short stories get straight to the point and deliver fear. The author provides just enough information about the characters to understand their motives, and he successfully gets the reader to worry for the characters in the stories.

I appreciated the level of detail put into such short chapters. I was able to clearly imagine each scene. I would have to commend the author for his torture and terror scenes, as they are perfectly portrayed throughout the book. Although a brief read, most of the characters were well written and original. I found it interesting that each character felt fear but in a different way, whether it’d be from torture to mind games, torture by insects, and much more.

Another Slice of Fear by Andrew Allen Smith is a unique read that is not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend this novel to readers who love a good horror novel especially many short horror stories. However, this book isn’t for everyone as it is filled with mature themes and graphic descriptions that might trigger readers.

If you are interested in Another Slice of Fear check it out here!

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