I will start by saying this post is partially self serving in that “A Slice of Fear” and “Another Slice of Fear” are doing quite well. A Slice of Fear did OK when it was released by it has been the second book that has opened a door where I see sales that may or may not have been part of a discussion or ad.

Many are fascinated by fear. Actually, I think we all are fascinated by fear in some way, and as we progress we can often find that it is our love of fear that perhaps drives us in many way. I laughed a little and enjoyed a conversation with my oldest daughter this week as she noted to me that I actually got under her skin with one of the stories in “Another Slice of Fear” and she said quite clearly that the story was creepy. We then proceeded to talk about how fear can affect us, and how different fear is for people.

It is there we spent some time and I was reminded of a conversation just a few days prior with a wedding planner at a wedding who had not heard of my books, but was interested. She asked an important question: “What are you afraid of?”. I considered and answered but it led to a series of discussions about how the mind works, and how the reason I write 15 short stories is not every one will be scary or suspenseful to every person. Instead several may be, and several may not. Fear is based on how that person has and does see the world and a spider crawling on me will likely be taken outside, where someone else may scream loudly!

My point is, many people are scared of something, lets try to look around in their brains and find out what it is. Be fascinated, enjoy the feeling and have some fun!

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