I get a kick out of reading poetry, even older verse has great meaning if you try to imagine how the author read it to people. It is there that we can open the world to a series of answers in an authors imagination. Don’t believe me? Take a moment and read the following poem originally posted on 29000 sunsets.

Why Not? by Andrew Allen Smith

Take a moment, laugh and smile, why not?
Take the time to ask the world, why not?
If you can’t see good or bad, or the world makes you sad
Simply take what you always had, why not?

Tis a lesson you should learn, why not?
Don’t just stand there try to learn, why not?
If you see a mountain, climb, if you write a poem then rhyme,
Do the things that at every time, why not?

Make your passion find a way, why not?
Let your theories pierce the day, why not?
When you know the feeling’s right, doesn’t matter day or night
you can overcome your plight, why not?

You can change the world now, why not?
You can do more than you allow, why not?
It is time to make the change, now your mind to rearrange,
time to see what’s new and strange, why not?

and there you will see the world.

Got it, see it in your mind? Feel the rhythm and verse?

Now listen to see how I see it in my mind:

Why Not?

Is it the same? Does it matter? Does it mean the same? Sometimes it just take a few moments to see past yourself and look inside an authors mind, sometime you are already there. Sometimes with anyone it just takes an extra explanation to understand their point of view. Take the time, try to see more. In the end, no matter how you slice it, the world is an amazing place filled with fantastic moments.

Want more? I do have a book of poetry you know. Have a super night!

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