An exciting Podcast with Emma Palova as we delve into Another Slice of Fear and the stories therein. Emma guides the interview through an amazing series of questions as we discuss fear and finding the fear inside of us all. Emma asks a series of unscripted questions that look at the way Andrew Allen Smith writes and determines the best approach for finding the fear in almost anyone. Also for a moment we read from one of the stories inside Another Slice of Fear. Want to know which? Listen!

Emma Palova is a local writer and journalist who supports indie authors. Take the time to subscribe to her podcast of over 50 interviews with Indie authors and readers! Her positive manner and fun approach make her podcast a terrific journey into the world of reading independents!

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You want to write?

Many people ask me how to get started or walk up at shows and say, “I wrote a book!” but have not published it or put anything together. There are also numerous people who have partially written manuscripts or great ideas and they never seem to come to fruition. Does […]

Andrew Allen Smith

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