An occult horror thriller of fire, fury, pain, and power Eight is a riveting story that will rend your emotions over and over while giving you glimpses of fear, terror, and the conflicts in the human mind.

As I read 8 I wondered how the title would easily fit into the book. I know, it is a silly thought but there is always some lynchpin that identified a title. In 8 it is the idea that the eighth deadly sin is one filled with vengeance and the depth of power usually only spoke of in the old testament of the bible.

The main character, Megan, is the ultimate tragic antiheroine and her story is as painful as the opening scene in “The Last House on the Left”. It can be a tough read and the author uses well places adjectives to create a grisly scene that reminds me of the basement in Whispers.

The story is well paced and pulls the reader into a world where vengeance is a well used tool, and forgiveness is a harsh lesson. Although the violence is graphic it is quite necessary to show the justification of what transpires and Megan is the perfect conflicted character, lost in what is right and what should be right over the love of a child.

I read this in a very short time but the feelings and emotions will stick with you for some time as you consider the questions: Can you forgive the unforgivable? Does vengeance have a price? Should the guilty be punished? and many more.

A good Indie Read: 5 of 5 stars and a note that we should see more from this author in the future.

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