I find myself in an interesting place as I finish this book. I was looking for yet another in the multiple tomes I have been reading on time, space, and the universe and found a work that is in the middle.

Carlo Rovelli is a skilled writer and his words fascinate, motivate, and captivate the reader as he explains time in a manner that most any could understand. This more technical review is not so technical that it loses anyone but complete enough that a reader can get an understanding of his explanation of time. I enjoy that portion of the work and there is a lot to be praised here.

At the end this shifts somewhat and the more technical dabbles in how we perceive, how we react, and the philosophy of “us”. Somewhere in the midst of that is a conversation on death and the confluence of feelings that death can and does create. It is a start contrast to the beginning of the book.

There is no doubt this is a solid work and should be read by anyone with interest in time and the dynamics of time, I have mixed emotions about some of the endgame, but will consider it over time (ha over time) and perhaps revise this score. For now, I pull 1 point simply because I am not sure it flows in the manner I would have expected. (Not my book so this is my opinion, I hope you read it and form your own)

4 of 5 stars for my own expectations, not the quality of the book.

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