Want a little bit of fun? Attached are pictures from Once Upon a Book 2022. I tried to get all the tables and enjoyed the show. I came home with a few books as well and a lot of great ideas. These people do things the right way, their way!

What was the biggest thing OUAB 2022 did for me? Well, as soon as I finish here I will be finishing some older projects and sending them off to edit. Time to write, huh? Enjoy the pictures! A few blurry, I hate phone pictures but did not bring in the big monster camera inside. Ooops.

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You want to write?

Many people ask me how to get started or walk up at shows and say, “I wrote a book!” but have not published it or put anything together. There are also numerous people who have partially written manuscripts or great ideas and they never seem to come to fruition. Does […]

Andrew Smith

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