Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Motor City Nightmares convention in Novi, Michigan. I was unsure how to approach the convention as I typically attended some massive horror cons in Lexington and Cincy but expected a lot with some of the big names involved.

I was not disappointed.

I came intending to get pictures with two fantastic people. Tom Savini and Alice Krige. Both are amazing, and I enjoyed my time there. Usually, I would have stayed the weekend but had multiple conflicts that pushed me to have a short trip.

Ticket costs were average for this type of event, and the value was high. There were a ton of good solid vendors with high-quality items. I usually expect very minimalistic items at events of this kind, but each vendor had a purpose, and some of the higher-quality vendors were beyond fantastic. This was very true with the hand-painted t-shirts, several hand-painted tiles, and many other crafters. There were not many things missing; even though some events have three times the vendors, this show did well with what it had.

I bought several items and should have taken tons of pictures, but since this was my first time at the event, I was unsure how they would react. I hope to consider this event for “A Slice of Fear” and “Another Slice of Fear” in the future, and the traffic was high. If you were a vendor, one thing I noticed was people were spending money.

The talent was awesome, and I wish I had stockpiled cash to buy many autographs. The ones who stood out? Alice Krige is one of the nicest people I have ever met and by far the nicest celebrity I have met. (I have met a lot in my over-the-top travels in my past) I wish I had spent money with Jon Abrahams as he was funny and articulate, and I don’t think I saw him without a smile. Ve Neill was excellent; I have always been impressed with her makeup. Eugene Clark was a perfect photo opportunity in his makeup.

The crowd was mixed and heavy, with many people in costume. One of the fun times I had while waiting in line to take pictures was talking to my partners in the photographic prison about their favorite scary movie. Scream was at the top of the list, but many others came to mind, and we all had fun talking about it. Ultimately, it was a good day, and the events will give me many good memories to consider. If you are considering going to an event or can get there this weekend, consider this a 12 out of 10 for sheer fun and for the meeting owner, who was a blast!

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