It is always interesting for me when you read poetry. There is such passion and in the search to find the right words the author usually finds amazing ways to imbue emotion and far more. I follow the author on a social media platform and when I saw the book I was intrigued and ordered it. What I found created more and more questions.

Cathy Blue weaves a spectacular series of emotion eddies and currents to make you consider the depth of love and life. Her verse is neat and clean and Does not spare words nor overuse them. The emotions are often conflicting and I actually asked questions after I had read the book simply because I was honestly interested in the constant sway from elation to despair. Her answers were as poetic as the verse itself and I once again contemplated many of the words I have considered and written.

If you are a romantic or even a romantic at heart this is a super read and may open your mind to the concepts of love and passion and how they lift us but create vulnerability along the way. A fun read.

***** stars as it made me think, which is what every book should strive to do.

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