I tend to write about many things in a single story. If you think about A Slice of Fear or Another Slice of Fear you may find that the story you are reading has a meaning on the front, and a meaning underneath. In the new book Another Slice of Fear, releasing May 13, there is a series of 3 stories that may or may not be a little scary, but they were written with a purpose: fear is from not necessarily understanding another sides point of view.

3 stories, 3 entirely different points of view. Only 1 of the three has minimal fear value, but 2 are born out of either desperation or misunderstanding. Isn’t that how fear sometimes is? Doesn’t fear sometimes evolve out of our minds not understanding how things or people work? Why is it that people fear people that are not like them? I really want to take this further and I will in a longer post coming soon!

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